School Daze Weekend    

Getaway June 7 - 9                                           




Ultimate Old School Daze Weekend Getaway

Giving you 3-days & 2-nights at the elegant Norfolk Waterside Marriott . Offering you nothing but first class treatment and making memories that will last a lifetime. The Ultimate School Daze Getaway features: 3 days, 2 nights, at a 5 star hotel, over 800 gorgeous ladies and fellas, business networking, meet and greet, karaoke, line dancing, tonk, spades, wine tasting social, beach themed dayparty , Live performance, live band, 80's vs 90's theme party, The Mega All White Ballroom Concert/Party, Dayparty Beach party Cruise. Come make memories, relax and have fun!

In association with: Mandrake Lewis, Stovell Wade, Frank Ratchford, Rodney Jordan

Mandrake Lewis                                   Stovell Wade                                        Frank Ratchford                               Rodney Jordan